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Tear Down

We tore it all down. Everything.

Two years of blood, sweat and beers washed away. After painful deliberation, we decided to drop every song Onward We March wrote for our first EP, The Golden Vine. No more playing these songs live.

It hurt, mentally and financially,

But it had to be done.

The idea for our music was to have a concept running through all our albums (similar to Coheed & Cambria), since we're all about depth in our music. But this story was the child of our departing singer, and it felt wrong to try and raise it as our own. The lyrical style, too, was all his.

It hurt, but we realized we would have to give up all we've done so far to start fresh with our new singer.

Which is ok.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post about getting songs stolen, it's not an individual item that makes you important, it's your entire body of work. If you want long-term success in music, you have to have a legacy of great work.

Otherwise you're just a one-hit wonder.

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