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Review: Vegan Black Metal Chef

Hat tip to Aaron for suggesting this video

This is simply too good to miss. For those of you who haven't seen it yet; enjoy.

I've been thinking about black metal lately. When I first heard black metal a few years back I couldn't stand it, which is kinda the point I suppose. Extremely aggressive, awful production (on purpose), and tremolo picking at wrist-breaking speeds, black metal prides itself on being the most extreme and evil (or KVLT) of metal genres. The songs usually follow demons/mythology/cold/evil and has music videos in "frost-bitten forests and mountains". They wear makeup, kinda like KISS, but it's called Corpse Paint so it's "eeeeevil". (Although a small percentage of these bands are actually evil, Mayhem's band members killed each other because they're insane. Idiots.)

What I find fascinating about the genre is the exaggerated portrayl of evil, ridiculous to the point where it reaches self-parody. Grown adults wearing face paint making videos in the woods while singing about warlocks sounds awfully like a high school LARPing club.

Yet, that's what is so enthralling about the genre. It offers a release of raw frustrations with the world, hence the fast, sloppy style, extreme distortion and lo-fi production values. It's punk wearing all black, announcing to the world that "I've had enough of your crap!" It's glam-rock with demons instead of spandex. It's the perfect music for unapolegetically venting frustration.

This video's juxtaposition of metal with veganism is magic. The irony of someone wearing giant spikey bracers singing about death but who won't eat meat isn't lost on the guy who made the video. This tongue-in-cheek video revels in the passionate silliness of the genre. This tofu isn't weak, it's KVLT.

The songs are unnecessarily well done, as is the recipe which is pretty close to the one I use (fish sauce is a necessity).

Well done. I'll be looking forward to future episodes.

P.S. Anyone else notice how well-decorated the house is? There's clearly an interior decorator at work in this den of evil. Is this the work of the infamous BeheMartha Stewart?

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