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Practice, Record, Gig

Once again, Bob Lefsetz outlines the new music landscape.
Used to be you practiced in your parents’ garage, got gigs and eventually recorded. The recording was the icing on the cake.
Now it’s reversed.
Now you record first, and you may never ever play a gig. 
First and foremost because there’s nowhere to play.
Second, no one wants to pay.
Third, no one wants to hear you be lousy.
So today, if you want to make it, buy a Pro Tools rig and not only figure out how it works, spend endless hours perfecting your recordings (after taking endless hours to write your songs!)
This is the opposite of everything you’ve been told to do. Not only did you have to establish a live base, supposed professionals said they could hear through a demo, it didn’t need to be perfect. Now if the recording isn’t close to perfect, forget it.

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