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Link: Interview with Indie Genius Gabe Roth (Daptone Records)

Absolutely worth the five minutes to read.

My favorite line:
Musician Coaching:
How on earth did you just take playing around NYC with a bunch of guys living in Brooklyn into an international experience?

Firstly, we did no promotional gigs. I never played for exposure. We never played in exchange for exposure or to meet somebody. We actually do it more now than we ever did then. We played for cash and valued what we did. In this market there are too many people that are too hungry, and you can’t rely on marketing yourself. You have to rely on having something people want. We really tried to concentrate on creating demand by having something people wanted. We spent our energy thinking about how we could make the show better, not how we could get more people there, and let the people figure out how to tell their friends how good the show was.

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