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Is It Time To Trash "Support Local Music"?

A Fan Says Goodbye to "Local Music"

I'm sorry "Support Local Music", but I've fallen out of love with you as a phrase.

It's not me, it's you.

I've seen you with every half-hearted facebook invite, pleading for me to come join you. 

Remember the last time I followed your advice?

I drove to an unfamilar club, paid for parking and cover, and gave up a night of my weekend to see you.
I wanted to feel like I had discovered a hidden treasure of the local scene.

I wanted to have a personal connection with you as an artist.

I wanted to feel special.
Instead you manipulated me into seeing crappy shows and asking for money.

I thought what we had was meaningful.

All you've taught me is that I'm really not that interested in you. 

I'm through with you, "Support Local Music."


From personal experience, hearing someone promote a show using the phrase "Support Local Music" tends to be a good indicator that the show will be lame. It's a throwaway phrase used by people who didn't put any thought into promoting the show.

What's the value proposition with "Support Local Music"? Is proxemity reason enough to make people interested in a show? Not usually, especially after being burned by a few lame shows.

An effective value proposition talks directly to the desires of the fan. Unless someone centers their identity on being a "local music supporter", saying the reason for coming out is to "Support Local Music" is a weak value proposition.  Some people want to show off a new band they discovered to their friends Other times people come out simply because they know the band. The answers will vary greatly between different fans and bands so the exact answers you'll have to learn from experience or research.

So should we scrap using the phrase "Support Local Music?" What are some marketing concepts that you think would be more effective?


  1. "Support Local Music" is the mainstay of any scene lamer who wants to cajole you into feeling awful for not being interested in his/her shitty show. They will make it feel like it is your duty to go to this show, lest local music dies, regardless of the quality of the band.

    It's hogwash.