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Two Year Recap

Two years into writing this blog, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of things. I'm endlessly greatful for all my regular readers and feedback I've gotten for my writing.

It's crazy how much has changed for the music business in the last year. Here are some highlights (and a lowlight) from 2011:

I outlined a strategy to manage the coming dominance of streaming music services.

I broke down how to sell out properly. My most popular post to date! I'm proud of this one.

I took a stab at creating a rough formula for predicting a band's success. I believe this is a great lens to view your band's performance through as is, but I'm still tinkering with revisions on this one.

I discuessed challenges to the 10,000 hours to mastery theory.

I pissed off a lot of people by criticizing BMI for suing a restaurant for playing music without a license. This post was a sore spot for me. Readers misunderstood my prediction that the payment of traditional royalties will decline and my disapproval of suing a small business as me saying that I believed music should be free. Far from it. This was written with the assmption that, whether we like it or not, we have to adjust to the new realities of the business. Piracy is here to stay. At the time of posting, I backed off my position due to the massive blowback from music think tank, but the more I ruminate on this post the more I stick by my predicitions of waning influence for traidtional royalties as digital music continues gaining marketshare.

I wrote about how being too polite and nice can hurt your career.

It's been an eventful year. I'm stoked to see more and more people getting value out of this blog.

Thanks for making all this work worthwhile.


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