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DFW Bands: The O's

Most  bands aren't worth your time. 

Having attended billions of local/national shows for both business and pleasure, I really can't stress this enough. Unable to play their instruments, bad stage presence, insulting the audience, derivative songs...  Crap, everywhere. Bleh.

The real shame is that lame bands scare people away from seeing the AMAZING local talent we actually have! There's brilliant, life-affirming beautiful music out there, waiting to be heard!

So I'm gonna make life a little easier on you and I'm going to introduce local bands worth giving a shit about. This series will be sporadic, since I'm only going to talk about bands actually worth seeing and not have "filler" updates. All genres included; I may be in a metal band but I love (almost) all music. You'll thank me.

So I saw these guys a few years back at the Dallas Observer Music Awards Festival. I was currently in a big Wilco, Drive-By Truckers and Heartless Bastards kick, feeling the alt-country vibe pretty hard after denying it for so long.

So I sauntered in Bandera Bar and saw The O's. These two guys are blowing up on the scene with their heartfelt and genuine folk/bluegrass/indie music. The songs are quite a departure from the unnecessarily complex music I often listen to, and I think it was the simplicity of their songs that drew me in. Bought their CD immediately after they got off stage, and I was singing along with the songs within a week.

Honest music. Makes me smile.

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