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You Are Only As Profitable As You Are Differentiated

I love this business school mantra because it captures the music world perfectly.

Read it again: you are only as profitable as you are differentiated.

No one cares about "the new AC/DC". If people want AC/DC they listen to AC/DC (or a tribute band with tiny guitars). No one is interested in a band that bases themselves off AC/DC's sound.

It's tough to play music different than the rest of the scene. But it's essential if you want to have long-term success.

It's was tough to play rock n' roll in the 50s too. Cities would ban bands from stepping foot into any of their auditoriums, citing a "riot danger" (For more reading on rock and roll censorship). But the Stones did it. And they broke down many of the barriers we would still face today if they had not.

If you are creating music, do something new with it. Otherwise, you're a cover band.

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