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Musicians Are Planets (Total Art)

When I visited La Pedrera in Barcelona, I came upon an idea that Gaudi built into his architecture: the idea of Total Art.

Total Art was the idea that every single detail related to a work was to tie to together and enhance the experience, blending seamlessly into real life.The architecture of Gaudi was the perfect example of this; his houses were built not only for grand aesthetics but for functionality (the weird-looking door handles are designed to fit a right hand perfectly). We live in his art.

This is exactly what today's music must now be.

Your band is a planet. When people come to your show, it's your duty to take them into your total art and really become a part of your music.

Do you make music people listen to when you're lonely? Then colonize that planet, own it.
Do you make music to beat up your best friend? You'd better be able to get your audience angry!
Do you make music to wiggle butts? Shake yours.

But your planet is bigger than just live shows and your music.

-What language do you speak to visitors to your planet? (humble? bubbly? aloof? giggly?)
-What type of artwork and aesthetics let a visitor know they're on your planet? (skulls? flowers? emus? huge butts?)
-What's the weather like? (moody? dancy? frigid? sweaty?)

Create a planet worth visiting. Create somewhere for your fans to get swallowed up in when they're tired of Earth. Create total art.

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