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The Grateful Dead's Business Model

Check out this article over at The Atlantic on the business model for the Grateful Dead. Seriously ahead-of-the-times thinking that people are only now starting to recognize.

The takeaways from this articles are (surprise!) stuff I've already said works. Represent. 

   -Reward fans for increasing their devotion to you (capped ticket prices, easy access, notification ahead of other fans) The Dead's cult following isn't a mistake.

   -Be easy to talk to. The Dead had a phone list to directly contact their important fans and were eager to open a dialog.

   -Increasing visibility increases reward (both monetary & intangible, such as fame). They realized you can't control the distribution of bootlegs, so they actively encouraged it. This empowered their fans to actively network with each other and proudly show off their collections/dedication to new possible fans. Not only was the band amazing, they had their fans go around proselytizing their greatness. Now that's a band.

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