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Talking To Carl

Carl (not his real name) is awesome. He's a crazy talented programmer, artist and businessman. And he's trustworthy.

I never talk to him.

It's too damn hard! He won't answer to text messages, emails, or return voicemails. He quit facebook, myspace and AIM. He only talks on the phone or in person.

So every time we hang out, he (passive-aggressively) complains that no one likes him or invites him out anyone. (Had this conversation four times). And then he asks why.

Why? Because you make it too hard to be friends!

"My real friends would be willing to go through the work to contact me!"

Bullshit. People want to connect with other people, it's a deep-down need we all have. We've only got so much time and energy to expend during the day, so naturally we focus it on those who care about us.

What kind of message is this "policy" sending to people?

---What kind of message are you sending to your fans?---

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