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That's why we listen to music. That's why we do anything.

We want to feel emotions.

Dig past the lyrics, riffs, stories and muck behind the music you listen. What emotions connect with you?

Here's what I've found true for myself:
  -Metal: indignation, motivating anger, workouts
  -Singer/Songwriter: detached musing on the quirkiness of the world
  -Rap: heartache, workouts
  -Country: desire to simplify life, comfortable solitude
  -Jazz: relax while feeling smart and refined
  -Post Rock: reminiscing about the past, deep thought

The only thing good art needs is to stir up emotion, positive or negative. Do not be afraid to make daring choices that push people!

If you do not risk doing something that some people will hate, you will never do anything that people love.

Your art must touch people. If it doesn't, you are a crappy artist.

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