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Interview with Brothers Highhorse

A few months back we were kicking promotional ideas for the album. One of the more involved ideas was to create a short-form metal 'zine, but after realizing how much additional work that would be, the idea was scrapped.

That being said, it would be a waste not to post this interview with my homie Dan of The Brothers Highhorse, a Dallas-based metal band we play with all the time. The odd formatting and phrasing on my part was supposed to be a part of the 'zine's flavor and I didn't want to change that for this repost.

Q: WHO the hell are you and what’s a High Horse, Brother?

We are a 5 but soon to be 6 piece deathcore band from Denton, Texas. We like black metal and breakdowns and we have a chick keyboardist, whose our second guitarist sister. Thats who we are.

The name came from an inside joke from years ago and we decided to use it instead of having a generic sounding metal name. We felt it had a job for a cowboy like feel in that it doesnt obviously sound like the name for a metal band.

Q: WHERE are y’all going with your music? 

We are currently writing a full album and it has a theme. The theme is based on the concept that the ancient gods of now lost civilations were actually aliens and now they have come back to reenslave our civilization. They attempt to do this through turning humans into cyborgs and implanting mind control mechanisms into our brains, but fortunately their is a sole survivor who the mechanism fails and he leads a rebellion to take back the planet.

Each song on our album is going to be a part of the story.

As far as our sound progressing, we recently went through a significant line up change in which our old singer and drummer left because of musical and creative differences. So we added a new singer and new drummer and our bassist switched to second guitar and we added keyboards. (We have been looking for a bassist and we think we have one but we arent solidifing his position in the band untill after he has played several shows with us.)

I suppose if you had to label us we would be a deathcore band but unlike most deathcore bands around the area no one can seem to pinpoint any one band we sound exactly like, which we are fine with. The adding of keyboards has pushed us further our black metal elements which we all love. We still have breakdowns but we have keyboard melodies in our songs because sarah (our keyboardist) can actually play and doesnt just hold ond handed chords like most other bands weve seen around that have keyboards, lol. We are influneced but a variety of bands and we feel we take parts of all of them and fuse them together to sound unique.

Q: YOU just got sponsored by Uproar! Apparel. HOW did that happen?

The sponsorship with them happened by luck actually, they messages us and saw that we were friends with another band they sponsored and they said they were always looking for new bands if we were interested. So we started talking to them and gave them our gameplan so to speak and now we have a sponsorship deal with them.

Q: TELL us a story.

A: We played with Upon a burning body in may and they were amazing and because we were so impressed we gave their vocalist one of our shirts for free. We played with them again in September and they actually remembered us and we never mentioned what band we were and they remembered that we gave them a shirt and they like our design. That was pretty awesome that a signed band remembered us after only playing with us twice.

Another awesome story is, Mark (Second Guitarist), John (Vocalist) and I went to see Depised Icon's last US Tour at the Prophet bar. They started playing their set and one of their singers started handing out the mic to people in the crowd to sing the words and mark and I looked up and we see John on stage screaming the words of their song with them. It was pretty badass and I believe there are some videos of it out there so hopefully whoever has them will post them pretty soon.

Q: WHO is your fav local to play with? Why?

A: Our favorite band to hangout and know their on a bill is Onward We March because weve known those guys forever and their just really cool fun dudes. Whenever we know theyre going to be on a bill with us, we know its going to be a party.

Our favorite band to watch is Descendant, if you dont know who they are you need to check them out at a show. They are one of the very best bands in DFW. Their lead guitarisr/ vocalist Richard Dale is a beast and will solo circles around you. Everytime weve played shows with them they are as solid as can be and if you like melodic metal you owe it to yourself to check them out. 

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