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The "Total" Musician

What is it about some musicians that makes them seem to have so much more staying power than others? What is the difference between

I use the term Total Musician.

The full number of factors involved in success make it impossible to predict success absolutely. However, there are some traits that seem to be more prevalent among successful individuals than unsuccessful ones. This is my initial attempt to qualify what exactly it is that makes some musicians special. This is an informal, working list.

I'd like you to contribute to this list.

The more broad our viewpoint the better we'll be able to hone in on what it takes for us to become a Total Musician too.

Here's the list so far:
   -Maturity. Playing within their abilities.
   -Confidence, albeit in different forms for different people.
   -Wide Interests. True innovators cross pollinate ideas.
   -Hustle. Whether it's business acumen, a charismatic personality or compelling story-telling.
   -Works with many other creatives.

Let's see what we can do with this list, eh?


  1. Probably something about teamwork, being willing to help their bandmates develop their ideas and music without wanting every album to be about them.

    Though obviously many famous, successful musicians don't mind everything being about them....

  2. Haha, I can't believe I forgot the teamwork part. I'll edit that in.

    With our most recent lineup change that actually was the biggest factor. Thanks Aaron!